Analysis and reflection

Where does our name come from?

We’re inspired by the great seventeenth-century French philosopher and mathematician René Descartes, who lived from 1596 to 1650 and whose work remains as relevant as ever in the digital world of the internet. 

Without his pioneering rational thought it’s hard to imagine modern-day science in its present form. Descartes offered people a great way of taking control of their own lives.

Sustained returns

We want to help our clients earn healthy, sustained returns on their investments. For this reason our strategies are built on proven investment principles based on the findings of science.



Science adds value

We use scientific insights to show how different strategies can achieve optimum results without entering into unnecessary risks. 


Markets are efficient

Market price movements are unpredictable, which means that short-term strategies such as stock picking and market timing merely expose a portfolio to speculative risk without adding any value.


Diversification works

Global diversification across a variety of asset classes is the most efficient way of minimising risk.


Risk and return are related

Intelligent investing using alternative weighting methods delivers a better risk and return trade-off than passive strategies.


Discipline is key

A disciplined investment strategy provides focus and keeps emotions out of investment decisions.


Cost control is important

When implementing investment strategies, reducing expenses increases returns.

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