Things to know about

  • Getting started

    • Is Descartes Finance AG a regulated financial company?

      Yes. Descartes Finance AG is a member of the Industry Organisation for Independent Asset Managers (BOVV) of the Financial Services Standards Associations (VQF).

      As a BOVV member of the VQF, Descartes Finance AG is subject among other things to the VQF BOVV’s Rules of Conduct regarding the Practice of Asset Management, which are officially recognised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA.

      Descartes Finance has been authorised to manage assets of occupational pension funds by OPSC.

    • How secure are my personal data?

      Your data are saved and stored very securely. We deploy security measures using the leading encryption technology. That’s why we only allow access to your account on the basis of confirmed information such as your username and password.

    • I don’t live in Switzerland. Am I still allowed to open an account?

      Descartes Finance AG operates only in Switzerland, and for regulatory reasons cannot accept US persons. Prospective clients must have a permanent Swiss address.

    • Is there a minimum deposit?

      Yes. To be able to implement a strategy based on diversification we have set a minimum deposit of CHF 25,000.

    • Who are Descartes Finance AG’s partners for managing accounts and securities accounts?

      We currently work with UBS and Vontobel, both leading trustworthy Swiss Banks.

    • Can I increase or reduce the investment amount at any time?

      Yes, you can adjust the investment amount in the target portfolio by clicking on “Edit” and making the appropriate changes under “Amount”.

    • How long will it take for my investments to be liquidated?

      Generally speaking, the instruments will be sold within three working days.

    • Can I withdraw my money whenever I like?

      Yes, you can take your money out at any time.

  • Fees

    • What are the fees charged by Descartes Finance AG?

      Descartes Finance AG charges its clients management or usage fees of 0.30% per year.

    • Are there any other fees or charges?

      Yes. You will be charged the respective custody and trading fees by your bank. In addition, management fees may be charged by the funds or ETFs used.

  • Portfolio

    • What financial instruments are available?

      We offer a wide range of financial instruments in different asset classes (bonds, equities and ETFs).

    • How do you determine my investor profile?

      To derive your investor profile, your risk capacity (investment horizon, financial situation) and your risk appetite (financial knowledge and experience, expected returns, investment behaviour) are taken into account by means of a questionnaire. They assess your objective and subjective ability to deal with risks.

    • How do you build my portfolio?

      Your information allows us to generate a personal investor profile and provide you with an investment proposal matching your needs.

      Your portfolio proposal is based on many individual factors, including your risk tolerance, your expected investment horizon and your financial situation.

    • How do you optimise my portfolio?

      We have selected a number of investment strategies, consisting of diversified financial instruments combined with an automised optimisation process.

      Each investment strategy is designed to be consistent with a certain combination of investment return objectives and risk tolerances.

      Our asset allocation is based on widely accepted investment theories, which take into account the historic returns of different asset classes and the assumptions and limitations of the applied optimisation process.

    • What returns can I expect?

      You can expect market-matching risk-adjusted returns from your portfolios. But there is no guarantee that the strategies will produce the desired results.

      Further, there is no guarantee that a strategy based on an algorithm will produce the desired results in the future, and if market dynamics change, the effectiveness of the strategy may be limited.