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Your personal navigator

Our clients aren’t just looking to preserve and grow their wealth. They seek the assurance that their financial affairs are handled with complete discretion and confidentiality.

We’re a partner you can trust to deal with any financial matter and guide you surely through the financial markets – drawing on the resources of our extensive, exclusive network in the process.

Our independent status means that we can advise you objectively on the full range of investments and financial products on the market.


Bespoke wealth management

Your assets will be invested in line with your needs and preferences according to scientifically based investment strategies with a proven track record of above-average returns. You also benefit from systematic portfolio monitoring, strict risk control and comprehensive reporting.


Wealth consolidation

Regardless of your existing banking relationships, we use state-of-the-art technologies to map all the asset classes and financial services providers involved to our platform. This way we always have a complete overview of your assets and can permanently monitor the activities of the various providers.


Goals-based investing

If you pursue different goals, individual savings and investment solutions will be developed that take into account your time preferences as well as your different risk profiles. For each of your objectives, a corresponding subportfolio is developed and managed in such a way that the desired financial results are very likely to be achieved.


Global investing

If you wish to hold your assets across different countries in order to take advantage of investment opportunities abroad, we develop appropriate solutions for you. Your preferences according to markets and exchanges, but also whether you wish to protect or preserve your assets, are taken into account in equal measure.

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