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Descartes launches private-pension robo

Descartes Finance, a Swiss digital wealth manager, is moving into the business with private pensions.

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Descartes teams up with Invesco

Through the partnership, Descartes’s clients can use the firm’s digital platform to get access to portfolios developed by Invesco. The portfolios follow a global multi-asset approach and comply with ESG criteria.

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«Switzerland Isn't Ready for a Pure Digital Service»

With the decision by Scalable Capital to close down its service, the decline of robo-advisers has reached a new level in Switzerland. But, the development of such services has only just begun, argues fintech pioneer Adriano B. Lucatelli.

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Negative interest rates benefit robo-advisors

In recent months, there has been a backlash against robo-advising. But Adriano B. Lucatelli, co-founder and CEO of Descartes Finance, sees the current negative-interest-rate environment as being advantageous to robo-advisers since saving costs is crucial for consumers.

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A Swiss digital currency could be an export success

The Swiss stock exchange wants the Swiss National Bank to issue a digital coin. For Adriano Lucatelli, co-founder and CEO of Descartes Finance, this would be a good move for Switzerland. In his view, a “digital Swissie” could be a successful export product like “chocolate and cheese.”

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Swiss banks have to change business model

Are Swiss banks trapped in the low interest rates environment? Adriano Lucatelli, co-founder and CEO of Descartes Finance, sees increasing pressure on Swiss banks going forward.

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Bank BSU chooses digital financial services provided by Descartes Finance

Descartes Finance is further expanding its business model with a wide-ranging cooperation agreement with Bank BSU in Uster.

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Wealth Management: Man versus Machine

Depending on who you ask, robo-advisory will either reinvigorate wealth management or kill it off entirely. Read what Adriano B. Lucatelli says about digital wealth management.

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Digital platform CEO on the importance of tech in finance

Digitalisation in the banking industry is creating a more democratic financial sphere – one where clients have a breadth of choice and multiple points of entry, according to Descartes Finance CEO Adriano B. Lucatelli.

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