Bank BSU chooses digital financial services provided by Descartes Finance

Descartes Finance is further expanding its business model with a wide-ranging cooperation agreement with Bank BSU in Uster.

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Wealth Management: Man versus Machine

Depending on who you ask, robo-advisory will either reinvigorate wealth management or kill it off entirely. Read what Adriano B. Lucatelli says about digital wealth management.

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Digital platform CEO on the importance of tech in finance

Digitalisation in the banking industry is creating a more democratic financial sphere – one where clients have a breadth of choice and multiple points of entry, according to Descartes Finance CEO Adriano B. Lucatelli.

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On the importance of credibility and transparency in finance

Adriano B. Lucatelli talks about Descartes Finance, about the problems of the financial industry and what clients really want.

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Descartes Finance s’engage dans un modèle hybride

Société fintech basée à Zoug, Descartes finance compte parmi les principaux robo-Advisor de Suisse. La société vient d’annoncer adopter un modèle hybride en engageant trois conseillers à la clientèle au sein d’une nouvelle agence créer à Zurich. Entretien avec le CEO Adriano B. Lucatelli.

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Adriano B. Lucatelli: «Watching Bubbles Build», finews.com

What do the shares of Switzerland’s central bank have in common with bitcoin?

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Bern independent asset manager teams up with Zug robo adviser, citywire.ch

Bern-based independent asset management firm Gerold Schlegel has entered into partnership with Descartes Finance, the company has announced. 

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Adriano B. Lucatelli: “How the Crisis Began 10 Years Ago”, finews.com

The global financial crisis began ten years ago: HSBC issued a profit warning linked to bad debts, the first of sign of trouble in the U.S. housing market. 

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The OLZ investment solutions achieve better returns than the median in 72% of the examined occasions. This places the investment solutions in the top 20% of the analysed asset management solutions.

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Adriano B. Lucatelli: “We Want to Remain Independent”, finews.ch

Descartes Finance is the last independent robo-adviser of Switzerland, after True Wealth entered into a cooperation agreement with BLKB. In an interview with finews.ch, Adriano B. Lucatelli explains his plans for the company he founded and says where he sees the main potential.

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Individualized Descartes Portfolio Strategies

The Descartes framework offers a wide array of functionality to investors seeking for truly individualized portfolios, enabling the full tailoring of portfolio positions and allocations to specific individual preferences and restrictions.

Investor may select from a large instrument base to add to his portfolio and an array of functionality to define portfolio positions and optimize within set allocation ranges.

Portfolio individualization may be started from any standard algorithm base portfolio - or setup completely from scratch by entering a selection of personally preferred instruments and applying self-defined allocation logic.