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Adriano B. Lucatelli

“My goal is to help reshaping the financial industry by providing greater transparency and more sustainable returns for our clients. This is the reason we’ve developed Descartes Finance. We look forward to sharing its success with you and our partners.”

Dr Adriano B. Lucatelli is co-founder and CEO of Descartes Finance. He’s a financial expert with a proven track record and a wealth of management experience. Previously he spent several years in leadership roles at UBS and Credit Suisse in Switzerland and abroad and was a senior lecturer at the University of Zurich. His studies have taken him to institutions such as the London School of Economics and the Wharton School.


Marc Sauter

“I want Descartes Finance to give our clients easy, low-cost access to the strategies of prestigious investment specialists. We put quality before short-term gain. I’ll be glad to show you through the attractive, digital world of Descartes Finance. Feel free to get in touch.”

Marc Sauter is chief investment officer and responsible for asset management at Descartes Finance. He has extensive experience in portfolio management and the development and implementation of digital portfolio management solutions. In 2006 he earned a CIIA (Certified International Investment Analyst) diploma. He’s a proven specialist in advising sophisticated investors and creating and managing bespoke investment strategies.


Rino Borini

“Thanks to digitization, intelligent, tried-and-tested investment strategies can now be accessed by any investor at low cost. I’m delighted to be part of the democratisation of investing. The new world’s moved on from being an ego-system in which everything revolves around one person to become an ecosystem where everyone works together.”

Rino Borini is member of the Descartes Finance board of directors and one of Switzerland’s leading experts on digital finance. He’s co-founder and CEO of financialmedia AG, an independent media company specialising in business and finance. The company also stages Finance 2.0, one of the most influential fintech and insurtech platforms in Europe and a pioneer in innovation and technology in finance. Rino Borini is a Certified European Financial Analyst and has profound knowledge of banking and investment.