Descartes Finance is a highly efficient portfolio management approach geared fair and square to your goals and investment needs. We work with select asset managers:

  • Descartes Premium Portfolio
  • Deutsche Asset Management
  • iShares by Blackrock
  • Lakefield Partners
  • OLZ & Partners
  • Swiss Rock Asset Management

The performance of the respective investment strategy can be seen in the cockpit after your registration or can be requested from us (


  • Credit Suisse
  • Julius Bär
  • UBS
  • Vontobel
  • Zürcher Kantonalbank

Direct customers can choose between UBS and Vontobel. All custodian banks are available to premium customers.


Descartes /
Descartes /
OLZ Minimum Variance CHF 0.50% p.a.** 0.80% p.a.**
Strategic ETF 0.65% p.a. 0.80% p.a.
Multi Asset Core CHF 0.70% p.a. 0.85% p.a.
Swiss Rock Spread & Style Portfolio 0.70% p.a. 0.85% p.a.
Lakefield Dynamic Swiss Core 0.70% p.a. 0.85% p.a.

* All-in (excl. third-party fees)
** Not included is a one-off “dilution protection” of 0.10%
Product costs are not included

The minimum investment size for online portfolios is CHF 20,000 with Vontobel and CHF 50,000 with UBS.

The fees for Descartes Premium are calculated individually.

It’s all about risk

In the traditional asset-based framework, the asset allocation process assigns weights to the various asset classes, such as equities, bonds, commodities, or real estate. In other words, the “asset-based” approach is basically a “product-based” approach.

The problem with this framework is that some of the “asset classes” actually have common risk factors crossing “asset class” boundaries, and thus do not provide a proper diversification.

To circumvent these drawbacks, Descartes Finance follows a new framework that is based on risks, making a clear distinction between assets and risk exposures. Here, the allocation process assigns weights to a set of risk exposures rather than assets.

Descartes Finance first determines the “risks” that an investor wants to hold, taking into account how the risks interact with each other. Then, Descartes Finance proposes the preferred final combination of “assets” to achieve the desired risk exposures, taking into account the valuation levels attached to assets.

In total, Descartes Finance uses five risk categories: Fixed Income, Income, Balanced, Growth, Capital Gain.

So what’s your risk appetite?

Find out your risk appetite here.

Benchmark index

To compare the performance of our investment strategies, Descartes Finance uses its own benchmark. The index corresponds to the risk profile in question, and comprises the Swiss “SBI Bond Index” and the “Swiss Leader Index” for equities. The benchmark is adjusted by a cost factor of 0.50% p.a. to improve comparability with the portfolios and models concerned.