You choose your preferred investment expert and their proven strategy

At Descartes Finance you can have the management of your portfolio automatically guided by the proven award-winning expertise of the investment specialists of your choice. You can also modify and extend your expert portfolio any time in line with your specific needs and preferences.

You manage your own portfolio

With its easy-to-use portfolio management system backed by intelligence, analysis tools and broad market data coverage, Descartes enables discerning investors to construct and manage their own strategies and portfolios. There are more than 10,000 investment instruments to choose from, ranging from equities and bonds to ETFs and funds.

The process is simple, effective and efficient

Our offerings start from CHF 20,000 initial investment. Some of our strategies require a large number of single instruments to yield efficient diversification benefits. We therefore might ask for a higher minimum balance.

Please proceed as follows:

  1. Click “Register”
  2. Complete the investment profiling
  3. Select the strategy and the custodian bank
  4. Sign and send the documents received by email or postal mail
  5. Fund your investment account
  6. Manage your wealth